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Musical Round Walkers

NPR 3,700.00

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This Musical round baby walker is the best Companion For The children during their Initial steps. Height can be adjusted according the baby's height or your requirement. Large space and smooth surface service plate. This Trendy Baby Walker Has A Very Soft And Comfortable Seat Cushion And Back Rest Pad For The comfort of your baby. It has a melodious musical horn And An entertaining front Toy Tray. This walker is equipped with very good wheels for a smooth and Comfortable Ride. This walker can be  used by the age of 5 months to 12 years depending on the height and weight. This Walker helps kid to develop healthy motor skills and promotes muscle development for the child in a fun and happy way. This walker has a weight capacity of 18 kg but however this walker should be used by the baby under the adult supervision.

Please make sure all the locking device has been lock before use. Strictly prohibit using beside the stairs, thresholds, steps etc. Don't let the baby in the car when carry the car. Prohibit the baby ride on it playing beside heating device, electric heater, stove, etc. The time for baby riding on it should not exceed 30 minutes. Do not place any load on the car, or it will effect the balance of the car.

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